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Our endless assortment of officially licensed sports merchandise is continually growing and we want to keep you informed of all the styles and features of our products. Our in-depth glossary below compiles all of the most commonly used phrases and terms listed on our products to help select the item that's right for you.


    Saddle Stitch:

    Small running stitches visible on the outside of shoes and accessories.


    A shoe held on by straps or a wide-banded vamp.


    A process or treatment in which tiny grains of sand are sprayed on the garment to create a worn in look and a softer hand.


    Lustrous cotton or rayon, this fabric has a smooth hand with a soft sheen.


    A smooth fabric woven with a glossy face and a dull back.


    Edges either cut, knit or crocheted in a tight wave pattern.

    Scoop Neck/Round Neck:

    A low, U-shaped or round neckline.

    Screen print:

    Process wherein ink is pressed through a fine mesh (or screen) tightly stretched over the item. Areas that are not masked out allow the ink to be imparted onto the item, creating a graphic. The ink is then dried via heat or heat tunnel, curing the graphic and creating a hardy image that will endure abuse and repeated washings.

    Shawl Collar:

    A one-piece collar that is turned down to form an elegant, continuous line around the back of the neck to the front of a garment.


    Very thin or transparent.

    Shelf Bra:

    A bra that is built into a garment and offers the lightest support. It has a smooth, seamless appearance and is often found in women's athletic tops.


    A type of fabric that is generally used to line clothing to keep you extra warm.

    Shirred Waist:

    A decorative gathering (as of cloth) made by drawing up the material along two or more parallel lines of stitching. Also referred to as a cinched waist.


    Gathering of material usually used for visual figure enhancement.


    A woman's small, waist-length or shorter jacket.


    An extremely soft, natural fabric made from the secretions of silkworms.


    Any style of backless slip-on shoe.

    Spaghetti Strap:

    A thin tubular strap that attaches to the bodice, named for its likeness to a strand of spaghetti.


    An elastic fabric made from a polymer containing polyurethane.

    Split Neck:

    A round neckline that looks like it has been cut in the center to form a small "V".


    A process of washing a garment with pumice stones and water to give a worn in appearance and softer hand.

    Straight Legs:

    Pant legs that are cut an equal width from the waist to ankles.


    A thong panty.


    Leather that is buffed on the inside to raise a slight nap -- giving it a textured appearance.

    Sweetheart Neckline:

    A graceful, open yoke, shaped like the top half of a heart.