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Our endless assortment of officially licensed sports merchandise is continually growing and we want to keep you informed of all the styles and features of our products. Our in-depth glossary below compiles all of the most commonly used phrases and terms listed on our products to help select the item that's right for you.



    Shadings of a single color from light to dark, or the gradual blending of several colors as in a rainbow.

    Open Stitch:

    Woven or knit fabrics that are loosely stitched, achieving a semi-transparency.



    Fabric in rich, swirling print either woven in or screened. Based on fine Scottish wool fabrics designed in yarn-dyed colors.

    Pea Coat/Pea Jacket:

    Heavy, warm hip-length woolen jacket with double-breasted front and a wide notched collar, originally worn by sailors in the color known as navy blue.

    Peasant Top:

    Romantic style often characterized with a low neckline, ruffles, or free flowing material.

    Pedal Pushers:

    Straight cut pants, often cuffed, that fall just below the knee.


    Any part of the garment which has been cut out to reveal skin.

    Pencil Skirt:

    A straight line skirt with no flare or fullness at the hem or waistline.


    A row of small loops woven along the edge of fabric in ribbon or lace for a decorative effect.


    A look created by sewing several pieces of material together to form the garment, much like a quilt.


    Piping is a type of trim on fabric. It is usually a small roll of fabric, sewn on to a garment providing an eye-catching contrast to the body of the garment. It can come in team and non-team colors.


    Yarns colored with material that is of animal, vegetable or mineral origin before they are spun into fabric.


    (Pronounced "pee-kay") Durable, knit or woven fabric with raised lengthwise cords or squares which are part of the weave.


    Slit at neckline in a dress, blouse or skirt, usually reinforced with a fold of fabric.


    A very popular pattern listed under the "check" category.


    A fold in the fabric allowing for extra room in a garment.

    Polo Dress:

    A long or knee-length sheath designed as an extension of the classic, cotton knit polo shirt.


    A wrinkle resistant fabric made from synthetic resin. Most performance wear is made from 100% polyester.


    Straight piece of fabric, usually waterproof, with an opening in the center for the head. Originally a Latin American garment in colorful woven fabrics that is used as outerwear.


    A finely ribbed fabric, usually made of cotton.


    PSA stands for Professional Sports Authenticator and is the largest and most trusted third-party grading and Authentication Company in the world.

    Puff Sleeve/Pouf Sleeve:

    A full sleeve of varying lengths, created by generous gathering around the armhole/shoulder.

    Purl Stitch (aka Cable Knit):

    Knitting stitch employed to create a ribbed effect.


    Raglan Sleeve:

    A sleeve that extends in one piece to the neckline of the garment.

    Raw Edge:

    Refers to an unfinished hem, for the worn in look.


    Silky, lustrous material manmade from natural fibers, with excellent drape and dyeability.

    Reverse Applique:

    The reverse of applique to create a more dramatic design.

    Ribbed or Rib-Knit:

    Ribbed or Rib-Knit refers to the texture of a material. It’s a textured knit that has the appearance of vertical lines. An entire garment can be “ribbed” or it can have a rib-knit collar or rib-knit cuff or both.


    (Pronounced "rooshing"). Shirring or pleating for a textured effect, or an applied border of pleated ribbon for a ruffled effect.


    Strip of cloth, lace or ribbon at the edge of a garment that creates a rippled effect.