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Our endless assortment of officially licensed sports merchandise is continually growing and we want to keep you informed of all the styles and features of our products. Our in-depth glossary below compiles all of the most commonly used phrases and terms listed on our products to help select the item that's right for you.


    Kangaroo Pocket (aka Pouch Pocket):

    A pocket formed by sewing a piece of cloth over the garment leaving two open ends.


    A long robe with wide sleeves traditionally worn with a broad sash.


    Fabrics made of only one set of yarns, all running on the same direction. Usually refers to a shirt.


    Laser-Cut Design:

    A modern technique for cutting openwork patterns into fabric or leather using laser-equipped computerized equipment.


    The dressed or tanned hide of an animal. Any of various articles or parts made of leather. It is protective, comfortable, and it breathes.

    Lettuce Edge:

    A thin ruffle at neckline, cuff or hem.



    Shirting fabric woven in structured patterns, usually in fine cotton.

    Mandarin Collar (aka Olympic Collar):

    A short, band collar adopted from the close-fitting Asian collar.

    Merrow Stitching:

    The type and name of machine to stitch overlock hems or edges of emblems.


    A type of fabric characterized by its "net-like" open appearance, and the spaces between the yarns.


    A silky synthetic material, usually woven polyester.


    A polyester fleece, very soft and dense, but not bulky or fluffy.


    Synthetic materials that have been developed specifically to channel perspiration away from the body. Used in active wear and athletic shoe linings.


    Natural Waist:

    A seam or waistband that secures or falls at the natural curve of the body, which is the indentation between the hips and the rib-cage.

    Notched Collar:

    A two-piece collar that can be only worn.

    No-Waist Waistline:

    Leaving the waistband out of pants or a dress to achieve an elegant simplicity and a smoother silhouette.


    Suede that is sanded down to a skin-like smoothness and softness.