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NASCAR Diecast Guide

Description and Features

Produced by Lionel Racing, The Official Diecast of NASCAR, Action Racing Collectables brand diecast are an integral part of a race fan's experience. "Still the Choice of Champions," Action Racing Collectables (ARC) cars have been promoted by star drivers and race teams for more than 20 years.

Each 1:24-scale ARC Platinum Series diecast replicates the actual cars fans see racing on track. Enlarge one of these diecast 24 times, and it would be the size of an actual race car.

Producing ARC diecast is a meticulous process that results in the actual race car being brought to life in collectible form. Each car is carefully crafted of more than 180 individual parts and pieces and assembled and decorated by hand.

Details include:

  • Fully diecast body and chassis
  • Opening hood
  • Opening trunk
  • Working roof flaps
  • Manufacturer-specific engine detail
  • Manufacturer-specific body contour
  • Rolling rubber tires
  • Front wheel steering
  • Interior trunk detail
  • Driver side window net
  • Metal hood pins
  • Working suspension
  • Authentic paint scheme decoration
  • Detailed undercarriage
  • Interior dash detail
  • Officially licensed by NASCAR

Action Racing Collectables 1:24 scale diecast are also issued in numbered, limited editions, adding to the collectability of each car. In the rear window, each diecast is stamped with its own unique "Diecast Identification Number" or DIN, which lets collectors know what number in the edition they have.

Diecast Finishes

Platinum | Chrome | Raw | Vintage | Liquid | Race Win


Available in every scale offered by Lionel Racing, platinum finish diecast do the best job of replicating the cars that fans see on track and in the garage week after week. A platinum Finish is just what the name implies - a decorated diecast finished to the same standard as the actual race car.

More than 500 individuals are involved in the design and production of just one platinum finish and it takes more than one thousand steps to produce a platinum finish diecast from concept to production.

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Color Chrome

A perennial favorite among diecast fans, Color Chrome cars have a special finish with a very high gloss.

Color Chrome is a labor-intensive process of polishing the entire body of the car by hand. Then the diecast is chrome-plated with a multi-step electro-plating process, painted with clear lacquer inspired by the color tint of the original car, and sponsor decals are applied over the top. The result is a superior quality product and dazzling finish.

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RAW special finish diecast feature a rough, untouched body that makes for a tough-as-nails look with the barest hint of clear coating to prevent oxidation.

These diecast are decaled with full-color logos that stand out on the cool metal background.

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A unique special finish with "throwback" appeal, Vintage has a high-end look thanks to the metallic copper pigment which is carefully painted onto the car.

Underneath the full-color deco, the burnished copper car body shines like precious metal.

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Liquid Color

For the purists who prefer their special finish diecast to closely match what they see on track, Liquid Color fits the bill. Liquid Color is a semi-metallic painted finish that creates a reflective version of a team's standard paint scheme.

Liquid Color has an eye-catching sheen that is a definite stand-out in any collection.

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Race Win

Race Win diecast are a piece of NASCAR history that could well live forever.

A painstaking recreation of what the winning car looked like in Victory Lane, each Race Win diecast is produced with the race "damage" seen on the winning car - from scratches and tire scuffs to debris and confetti.

What's more, each Race Win diecast comes with a collector card highlighting the important moments of the race. Plus, if there is confetti used by the track to celebrate the win, the diecast will also be decorated with confetti and pieces of confetti will be added to each package.

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